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Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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It tastes good!

I want to drink it every day!

Why Is Our Matcha So Good?

The highest grade of first-harvest leaves:

  • The earliest picked among the first harvest, our matcha is of the highest grade.

Grown by an award-winning tea farm:

  • Our matcha is grown and processed by a farm with national and regional championship titles.

Our Matcha

Our matcha is:

  • Rich in umami flavor
  • Low in bitterness
  • Low in astringency

It makes you want to drink it on a daily basis.

These are the qualities we've put into our matcha.

Our Matcha

  • Single Origin: Nishio, Japan
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Process: First Harvest, Stone Milled
  • Farm: Award Winning both Regional and National
  • Taste Profile: Deep Umami, Subtle Sweetness, Lively & Smooth
  • How to Make Traditional Matcha

    1. Sift 1/2 to 1 teasopoon (1-2g) of matcha powder into a bowl.
    2. Add 0.5oz/15ml of water at 160°F/70°C and stir to create a smooth paste.
    3. Add another 1.5oz/45ml of water at the same temperature and whisk until frothy.
    4. Lift the chasen slightly and whisk the froth to make finer bubbles.
    5. Enjoy.
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  • Matcha Latte Recipe

    1. Prepare matcha with 1 teaspoon (2g) of matcha powder and 1.5oz/45ml of water at 160°F/70°C.
    2. Add sugar or sweetener if desired.
    3. Heat 8oz/240ml of milk for a hot latte.
    4. Mix the matcha with the milk. Add ice for a cold latte.
    5. Enjoy.
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It’s Good Any Time of the Day

Mornings: Kickstart your day with focus and a boost of energy.

Mid-mornings: Change your mood and accompany your reading.

Lunch: Aid in digestion and reduce fat absorption.

Afternoon: Relax, engage in conversation, and welcome clients.

Evenings: Unwind and alleviate the day’s fatigue.


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